Fruit and Vegetables in Collioure

Place du Maréchal Leclerc, Collioure, Pyrénées-Orientales, France — 1 August 2010

The French, it has to be said, don’t understand vegetarians. The concept of not eating meat is something that would give the average French person sleepless nights. Certainly the town of Collioure, situated in southernmost Catalan region of France where the Pyrenees slide steeply into the Mediterranean, is not set up to cater for vegetarians. The shops are full of gorgeous fruits and vegetables but vegetarian meals are not in abundance when eating out.

If you are a fan of anchovies, or anchois, however, then Collioure is your oyster, so to speak. The restaurants are full of them, the shops are full of them – well, jars of them – and there are two famous anchovy processors in Collioure, Anchois Desclaux and Anchois Roque.

Collioure was named a ‘site remarquable du goût’ by the French government. I think that means the food is OK. If you’re not vegetarian, that is.

anchovies (anchois) in collioure
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For centuries, a much sought-after treasure of nature has been part of Collioure's traditions: anchovies. This fish is the basis for many typical Catalan dishes and is still prepared in the original traditional manner