derelict shed, newport

River Usk, Newport, Gwent — 20 February 1987

‘Easy to get to, Newport has a wealth of activities and attractions. Hunt out hidden treasures...’

— Newport City Council

Hopefully, the treasures aren’t as well hidden as they were in 1987 — BFJ

Part of a project for my course at Newport school of Documentary Photography, this picture of an old shed at the Hoveringham (Tarmac) sand and gravel depot by the side of the River Usk sums up how industry had pretty much fallen apart around the docks in the 1970s and 1980s.

canon a1 camera
I think the site was somewhere between Lilleshall Street and Gaskell Street where the air was rank with the smell from the glue factory on Corporation Road, but you would be hard pushed to place exactly where it was now; the whole area below George Street Bridge has been redeveloped. I returned to the depot some time later to do a fashion shoot.
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