sheep near the bunkhouse on the isle of kerrera

Isle of Kerrera, Oban Bay, Argyll, Scotland — 27 July 2007

‘Despite its close proximity to the bustling sea town of Oban, Kerrera is a different world. Kerrera is ultimate escapism in all weathers, and is a wonderful day out for the family’Isle of Kerrera Development Trust

As the Isle of Kerrera Development Trust suggests, Oban can be pretty bustling. It was bustling the last time I went there in 1968. In the waterlogged summer of 2007, however, Oban was not bustling; nor was anywhere on the west coast of Scotland.

The Isle of Kerrera, across the Kerrera Sound by ferry five miles south along the Gallanach Road from Oban, certainly wasn’t bustling. Which, perhaps, is just as well since,barring the Bunkhouse, there aren’t a humungous number of facilities on the island.

There is, though, some eye-catching scenery, the bleak (on a wet day) Gylen Castle
map to bunkhouse kerrera
and what seems like the longest short walk to the Kerrera Bunkhouse and Teagarden. I’ve no idea what the island’s like on a warm, sunny day. I suspect Kerrera was more spectacular when I visited it, with a south-westerly wind so strong even the sheep were struggling to stay upright.
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isle of kerrera sheep near the bunkhouse