Punky Girl in Lazers Night Club, Newport

Stow Hill, Newport, South Wales — 28 March 1984

‘The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul’ — Isadora Duncan, dancer

The 1980s – good times, even in Newport. Not that I had much fun this night. Lazers night club, formerly the Stowaway club on Stow Hill, had been in decline ever since Steve Zak had ceased DJ-ing at the Stagedoor. New Romantics were all getting to be Old Romantics by then.

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Wednesday night was ‘alternative’ night at Lazers, though you’d be hard-pushed to guess it from this crowd. Two or three goths and some pink hair, that was about it. The rest of the punters mostly had perms and dodgy beards, not necessarily on the same person. Not a particularly photogenic dance-floor. I went along to take pictures for my companion to use for a painting. Lazers was half-empty, the music was poor – as were my pictures – and my friend had her bag stolen, presumably by someone who thought they’d find my camera inside. Good old Newport.
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