skin two: fashion model in black rubber

Rushmore Road, Hackney, East London — 24 July 1990

‘Every man prefers to look at a well-shaped woman instead of a rubber ball’
— Katerina Witt, figure skater (though she’d probably not heard of the Skin Two Rubber Ball)

I photographed for Skin Two back in the 1990s, including two videos and the worst Skin Two Magazine cover ever (below), dreamed up by a committee of editors and posed by the divine Diana on a hot day in an airless basement filled with silicone spray.

Jane Phillips and
myself worked on the
picture on the left,
taken for Skin Two’s
own-label catalogue.

The skirt and top
was, I seem to
designed by
my friends and
former flat-mates
Murray & Vern.

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skin two magazine issue 10
skin two label rubber ben french