Muslim Preacher, Speakers’ Corner

Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, London — Autumn 1989

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A typical Sunday morning at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London. In fact, the actual corner was too noisy due to the amount of traffic thundering up and down Park Lane and around Marble Arch, and most of the speakers used the adjacent walkway. I used to go there every now and again, hoping to find someone with something thought-provoking to say.

You might have thought that those days of Mrs Thatcher and unrelenting Tory rule would have provoked intense political debate. Sadly, in 1989, Speakers’ Corner was largely taken up with religious zealots of one persuasion or another, all claiming to hold the key to Heaven, albeit with the intention of locking out those who didn’t agree with them.

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‘Some of the most revered political and literary minds of the last century have regarded Speakers’ Corner as a window on the ebb and flow of popular opinion’

— Dean Ramsay,

islamic preacher speakers corner